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Are you wondering whether you should hire bartenders for private parties at home or the office? We think you should, and here is why! If you will hire a cocktail bartender, he will not only help you figure out what cocktails to serve, but will also tell you how much of everything to buy. The bartender will setup the glasses, chop the fruits and will prepare the ice, he will greet your guests with a fresh made cocktail and a big smile!

Securing the service of an experienced cocktail bartender will help you with a list of what to buy means you won’t buy in excess and, ultimately, will save you a lot of money and stress! Be a smart host, hire private party bartenders to care of the bar service so you can take proper care of your guests.

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Hire A Private Bartender

If you don't hire the bartender you risk spending the entire event making drinks for your guests, and you will end up more like a hired bartender than the host! Do the smart thing and hire a private bartender, it allows you to actually enjoy the event. Makes sense! Hire private party bartenders in London, Brighton, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and many more other areas. We provide the perfect setting for your party at home, the office or a venue of your choice. 

Hire A Cocktail Bartender

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    Pop up cocktail bars, bartenders, mixologists and flair bartenders available for hire at private parties!

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    Pop Up Cocktail Bars

    All inclusive drinks packages available for hire at private parties and events, the most popular event bar service available!

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    Shake, stir and muddle your best cocktail, fun cocktail making classes at home or the office. Hands on mixology events!

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    Hire a Bartender

    Don't get stuck with a bottle in hand running around to fill up the empty glasses, hire a cocktail bartender today!

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    Still deciding whether you should hire cocktail bartenders for your private party? Well...
    A good host always offers a drink to his guests as soon as they walk into the party. If you don't hire a private bartender, it means you’re making that drink. A good host also offers a guest whose drink is low or empty. Guess who’s making that next drink? Yes, you guessed - you again. During which time for sure you will manage to perfect your mixology skills… but not have a single real conversation with your party guests!


    Event bartenders for hire for every occasion, birthday parties, hen parties, engagement parties, baby shower or christenings parties! Great your guests with a craft cocktail made fresh by your very own private bartender.


    At Cocktail Barmen UK we have the perfect package available for all kind of corporate events. Office parties, team building, trade shows and product launches. What are you waiting for, book today and let's get this party started!

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